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5 Shoes Every Modern Gentleman Must Have.

  1. Loafers

    Loafers are comfortable but also sophisticated, matured and the most versatile shoe. Due to that they have a very chilled and casual design for maximum comfort. As much as they are considered perfect for casual wear they can be also paired with a suit instead of a traditional lace-up shoe.

2. Brogues

Brogues are a smart choice for many formal occasions and a popular option for office attire. As brogues are defined by their decorative holes, not their shape, they can be found in numerous forms such as oxford brogue, Derby brogue and stylish wingtip brogue like this with suede uppers.

3. Monk Strap

Monks are considered to fall between derby and oxfords.  Smart enough for formal events while contemporary and versatile enough for casual wear

Monks are categorized by their strap and either single or double side buckle fastening, it’s this feature that gives them their name, due to their resemblance to the buckle shoes traditionally worn by monks.


4. Oxford

Often viewed as the shoe for professionals. Oxford are more like your classic ‘school’ shoes, strictly for work and formal occasions (such as weddings christening, funerals and job interviews).  Basically, whenever you’ve got the good suit or black tie out.

5. Derby

Looking for a smart shoe with a slightly less formal visual, Derby (also known as Gibson’s are a perfect choice). Every man should have derby shoes due to their incredible versatility and effortless style.


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