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How To Rock A Green Suit

Whats up Modern Modern!

You often wonder how you can rock the most undervalued yet most stylish men’s colour. Rocking a green suit is not as hard as you might think.
Let’s talk Green. The colour of life, nature, ecology and harmony is everywhere around us. 
Green has many different beautiful shades. In the darker side of the range we find shades like Hunter Green, Bottle Green or Forest Green which work really well for business casual. On the other hand lighter solid colours like Neon, Lime and Sage Green are suitable for a summer look. 


Hunter Green.
For business, darker shades are appropriate and the only choice you can go for such as Hunter Green or military green. Green is already a more informal tone for some business settings (that sucks!), so going for a darker colour will keep it well in the formality range for business casual.
A hunter green suit can be accompanied by a white or a black shirt. In other days a green coat can be worn with a black shirt, black trouser and pair of loafers or derby or strap monks.



Forest Green

It works well as a 2 piece, its kinda hard to pull it off as 3 piece. The color is already loud and bold so its better to keep it simple as 2 piece. 
paired with a white T-shirt or a black T-shirt. As a modern man, you can dress down a forest green suit by pairing up the coat with black chinos or jeans and close it off with a black loafer. 


Bottle Green
For events such as weddings where you are a guest, this is the suit to go for as a 3 piece or a 2 piece ,imagine pairing it with white clean sneakers or brown leather loafers. This will make sure you stand out with class. 

To dress it down, the coat can be paired well with a crispy white shirt, detailed black tie with black trousers and just like that, you are ready to hit the office and take care of business not forgetting completing the look with a pair of dark brown or black derby or loafers

Military Green

This suit gets its prestige name from the uniform colour soldiers wear in the military hence why its called military green. When you decide to wear it, do it with pride, your head high and your chest out.

It can be paired well with a black or white shirt, black shoes if its a black shirt maybe open the collar depending on the seriousness of the occasion, if its with a white shirt then seal it off with brown shoes or a stylish colorful tie.    

Sadly Green is such an underrated colour since everyone tries to stick with the classic blue and grey theme.  Green is really flexible and can be dress up or down while looking your absolute best and receiving all the compliments and admiration.

 Stay Stylish. Stay Modern