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Synthetic Leather vs Genuine Leather

Hey Guys! 

We have been getting a lot of questions around the difference between the Synthetic Leather and Genuine Leather. Here's some food for thought: 

Synthetic Leather

Grazie 28 wax

Grazie 28 is a synthetic Leather shoe which looks exactly like the Sanjo 5 (a genuine leather). Grazie is a quality shoe, which is durable, and has a soft feel and has so much comfort when worn. It's feels or look, almost like a genuine leather yet its affordable as it is available for R800

Genuine Leather

Sanjo 5 

This shoe is made out of genuine leather, which makes it more of a high quality compared to the synthetic Leather shoes. When you looking for a more subtle look and feel Sanjo 5 would be the right choice. Our Sanjo 5 genuine leather loafer  is available for  R1 300.

In this case, we compared only these 2 shoe (which actually look alike) to make it evident that there is no major difference between these pairs. But your choice relies on your budget and preferences. 


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