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What's the difference between Ready to wear, Custom-Made and Bespoke Suits.

Let's Talk Ready to wear, Made to Measure and Bespoke suits terms.
One of the things that individuals get wrong most of the times is the difference and meaning of these terms.

Ready to Wear Suit
Ready to wear suit are made to standard measurements in the factory where they are mass produced. Ready-to wear-suits (also known as off-the-rack) will mostly come in a standard range of colours, also Ready-to-wear suits are available in various models and styles, even though that’s the case, when you buy one it is almost always necessary to alter it, at least with regard to the length of the sleeves and trousers.

Made to Measure suit
Made to measure is a stage up from ready to wear. Basically, the tailor takes a standard pattern, and the client’s measurements, and adjusts that pattern to fit those measurements. Lots of individuals confuse made to measure with bespoke but bespoke is more than made to measure and later, you will know why. 

The difference between ready-made suits and custom-made suits is that here you have the opportunity to choose the materials used in the production and also the style of your suit. In addition, choosing a tailored suit also means being able to customize most of the features and details and many other details that make the suit truly personalized.

Bespoke suit
The term “bespoke” means “to give an instruction for something to be made”. A bespoke suit will be almost fully handmade, with an individual paper pattern being cut for that particular client.
This type of suit is the most expensive of the three covered in this section, but it results in a truly unique suit of a kind, and if done well and with high-quality materials can last for a lifetime.
Individual service is given at all times throughout the process, and a number of fittings are carried out to guarantee a perfect cut. Long time ago, all suits were bespoke suits. The wealthy had theirs made by tailors, while the not-so-wealthy would have their suits cut and stitched by a family/ relative or a friend.



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