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Part 1 : Your first suit color, Charcoal

Through your teenage and even college years, you might be able to get away with not owning even a single suit. But after college, you may land a job that requires you to wear one every day. And even if you end up working in a casual office, you may find that the need for a suit starts cropping up more often in your life — for interviews, funerals, weddings, and other special occasions.

The question then arises: what kind of suit should you buy as your first (and maybe only) one? And if you need and/or desire to add even more suits to your wardrobe, what kind of suit should you buy? Choosing the colour of your first suit is rather simple and in the end, a personal preference. You will either buy a dark charcoal suit, Brown suit or a navy blue suit.

The Charcoal Grey Suit

When buying your very first suit, it’s either going to be the only one you wear to work or own until you’re able to afford another, or the only one you ever own, period. So you want something classic and versatile.

If your only suit has a distinct pattern, and you wear it semi-regularly around the same people, they’re going to remember, and realize you’re wearing the same suit over and over. However, if the suit is simple and solid, they’ll likely not notice.

A charcoal grey suit matches well with inclusive variety of other colors, making selecting your dress shirt and tie a walk in a park. And it’s a suit that can be worn to almost every occasion — job interviews, the office, networking events, weddings, funerals, so on and so forth.


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