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The Power behind the Suit.

It’s been said that you should always wear a tie when you are asking for money. When you are the one giving it, no one will really notice what you are wearing. There’s some wisdom there. A casual look does not show much of seriousness and respect for the hustle process of climbing the ladder.

When attending meetings and interviews, make sure to wear your power suit, that alone shows the seriousness and respect you have for the people you are meeting with and the position you working towards too. No one would bluntly have trust on someone who shows up in such set ups in casual attire. People automatically respect a person in a suit. It's just how things work gents, don't try to fight it rather use it to your advantage.


Make sure when you wearing your suit that it fits you perfectly, a ill-fitting suit whether its baggy or too tight doesn’t do anything to boost your confidence. When buying an off the rack suit make sure to take it for necessary tailoring in order for you to feel like a boss when wearing it. At The Modern Man we offer free alterations on our ready made suits and we also do custom made suits from scratch. 

In the most casual office set up, you won’t want to be wearing your t-shirt written "I'm the after Party" and flip flops when you’re asking for more money, a raise or responsibility. At the very least, a dress shirt, a narrow tie and sport coat paired up with chinos/jeans would work out perfectly or you can simply pair up your suit with a tee.

A suit is the uniform of success, by wearing a suit you are saying that you are succeeding. It is as simple as that.

Stay Safe. Stay Stylish