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The Dress Code For Working from Home?

What's Up Modern Gents.

With the rapid spread of Covid-19, many of us find ourselves working from home for the next few weeks, myself included! Working from home comes with its own set of difficulties, from keeping a schedule and knowing how to self-motivate. One question that gets asked a lot: what do you wear when working remotely?

You don't want to be too relaxed in your pajamas even though its tempting but you won't be in a work mode and you will be lazy. Dressing in presentable clothes puts you in a productive mode. Now you probably thinking should I be in my suit and tie at home, No that's not what I mean. What we mean is wearing classic casual garments where you comfortable but still presentable and that puts you in work mode of being productive.

The Short Suit

The short suit brings enough formality to a video conference or client meeting without any major sacrifice to comfort.

The short suit can be rocked with a shirt for a more formal look and for a more smart casual appearance, it can be paired well with a round or V-neck T-shirt.

The Smart Casual Cardigan

This outfit takes a smart casual office look and turns it around with a cardigan replacing the blazer. It’s suited to the colder days where a blazer is too much, but some degree of formality is expected.

Because you’re at home and things are a little more relaxed, you can incorporate a few allowances to comfort: a knitted tie over a silk one, chinos instead of formal wool pants, a Polly-neck to replace a shirt, and sneakers instead of a derby or oxford.

The Jean and shirt

A jean and shirt can be more chilled and laid back to work in. It allows you a sense of modernity without feeling overdressed or discomfort.  With jeans and a shirt it will be even easier to take a unexpected video call from our boss, colleagues or supervisor without having to rush to change your clothes in order to appear presentable.

The Golfer/ simple t-shirt and chino pant.

A simple tugged in T Shirt with stretch chinos gives you the feeling of dressing for success without a sweat.  Gents in this outfit, you can still accept that unexpected video or Skype meeting from colleagues or clients. Unlike when working with pyjamas or sweat pants.  

To close off your outfits when working from home, you can seal it off with just socks, sleepers or flops for comfort. I mean, you don’t really have to wear your dress shoes gents unless you leaving the house.  

Just because you home it doesn't mean you should look like you homeless by neglecting your smart casual dress code. Show up in style even if it's at the kitchen. Haha  

Stay Safe. Stay Stylish