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Doc Green by 2 - TheModernMan

Doc Green by 2

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- Our masks feature a Triple Layered cotton fabric construction with an easy to fit elastic-over-ear design

- Our Masks come in pairs of two. 

- One layer of cotton inside and one layer with a bit more BIZ on the outside. The cotton for comfort and BIZ because we mean business. These are for more serious folks

- Our masks have a opening where you can add a filter for more protection 

In these times first prize is not leaving the house. These masks are intended to be a barrier for when you absolutely have to leave the house for work or supplies etc. We encourage social distancing when wearing in public and always wash hands before and after fitting or removing.

Usage and Good Hygiene :

Firstly, a mask is not a solve-all solution in the fight of viruses and should never be used in isolation of basic good hygiene considerations.

Wearing  a mask does not make you invulnerable and should never be a reason not to follow these basic golden rules.

How to properly use a cloth mask:

The usage of any type of mask should be accompanied by strictly adhering to safe use guidelines. Wash your hands before applying and after removing a mask, never touch the cloth part, never fiddle with it whilst wearing, refrain from touching your face. Discard disposable masks. Wash cloth masks with warm soapy water and iron when dry.

It is very important that residents use a cloth mask properly. If they do not, it might result in them putting themselves at risk of spreading Covid-19

Maintaining the mask:

You must have at least two cloth masks per person so you will be able to wash one and have a clean one ready for use.

  • Wash the mask daily in soap and hot water (tolerated during hand wash).
  • Rinse thoroughly and dry
  • IRON THE MASK- this is the best means of disinfection!

No refunds or returns, sale is final. Made in Durban - we are upholding strict cleaning procedures.

Courier times vary, but typically 1-4 working days. We will do our best to get your masks to you as quickly as possible.